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"A presence with reverence"
About Skye Rae

Skye Rae Dawning has become a conduit for her healing practice of Etheric Touch. Etheric Touch means " A touch that is not of this world". Skye has always had a strong magnetism to touch her human and non human family for as long as she could remember. One day along her own path to healing, She became fully aware of what her purpose is here on this Earth through a vision she had back in 2013. She began her training and education as a healing practicioner through the Colorado School of Healing Arts where she learned basic massage modalities and and energetic specialties such as Craniosacral, Lymphatic Drainage, Trauma Touch and Healing Touch to name a few. Soon after she graduated as a professional massage therapist, she then developed a level within herself to create a style of healing that integrates intuition with an intentional fluid dance-based therapy that allows one to completely surrender and relax in to the undying love that is all around. Skye is unique in her practice because she not only offers not only a hands on session but also an in-depth intuitive oracle reading from the Divine Mother to offer a multidimensional expansion and release within the mind, body and spirit while providing an impactful and transformational experience. Through an open heart and nourishing touch, Skye guides and inspires her clients to return their awareness back to their hearts and bodies with deep breathing by facilitating a deep trance within to explore realms consciousness, integrate and heal aspects of their fragmented self. Skye's offering and gift to this world can not be comprehended with the logical mind rather then felt with the open heart and soul of her clients. 

Skye calls you now to explore the horizons as to what massage means and feels to you. She opens herself up as a clear and pure guide of the Divine Mother to assist you on your journey to healing, integration and return to our Divinity.

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